Lincoln's Roof & Gutter Repair Specialist 

We carry out our roofing repairs with care.  We know house repairs can be disruptive and frustrating at times, which is why we carry out our roofing and guttering services thoroughly and efficiently.  

Our expert team can repair most roofs and we offer a free quote service too.  Damage to your roof can cause a number of minor and major risks to your safety.  Anything from broken tiles attracting pests and compromising the weather resistance of the roof, to large holes causing interior damage and leaks. We offer a range of services for both domestic and commercial structures. 

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Domestic Roof Repair

Having issues with your roof? We understand the frustration. That's why we offer high quality repair services are a long lasting, and affordable solution, to prevent costly and recurring repairs.

Commercial Roof Repair

Whether it's an office, retail space, warehouse, leisure facility, or medical practice, we repair roofs quickly, and to a high standard to prevent recurring issues with your roof int the future.

Signs your roof needs repair:

Attic leaks

Circular stains

Dripping sounds

Bubbling/blistering of paint 



Types of roofs we repair:

Flat roof

Felt Roof

Slate Roof 

Domestic roof

Commercial roof

Lead roof

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